The Esquilino Market

The Esquilino Market in Rome has a long history. Developed in the late 19th century on the sidewalks of Piazza Vittorio, this market has been one of the most beloved venues for the people of the city looking for cheap prices and the veracious soul of Rome. 
Today the market has been moved to a new structure that has been built for this purpose. Time has passed since the foundations, and a lot has changed. What was born as an informal location for street vendors has evolved into an official market, following the modernization of the city. In a similar way, along with the globalization process undergone, the stalls that once symbolized the “authentic Rome” are now owned largely by immigrants.
Much has changed, but much has remained the same. What is called today Mercato Esquilino -as the multiethnic neighborhood where it is located- remains a magic spot where commerce and business seem to be the perfect spot to bring people together, no matter the background, and encounter the Other.