The Hooded

In Italy, during Easter, many traditional religious events take place. The “Good Friday Procession” has very old roots and the celebrations, especially in the smallest villages, are a mix between solemn liturgies and a folk festival.

The main characters during these gatherings are the “Incappucciati” (literally “the hoodies”) which are the members of the many Confraternities that enable the procession. Every neighborhood has its own church, and with it comes a determined confraternity, thus the groups emerge on a local level and among people who know each other since forever. Being part of a confraternity is a pivotal sign of status, and many seek that this role will be one day inherited by their children.

In Atessa, Abruzzo, the procession is put up by five confraternities that go through the village with their effigies and the statues of Christ and Holy Mary. The long march starts in the afternoon of the Good Friday and finishes only when its night.

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