In April 2020, at the Columbus hospital of Rome, a new kind of day hospital saw the light to answer  the need of explanation that the patients that came out of Covid had. Once they were over the acute phase of the infection what would it be like for them to recover fully? What would be life like after Covid-19? The doctors where unfortunately unable to give an answer at that time, being Covid-19 still a pretty unknown disease. 

The day hospital came about for this reason: understanding the longterm implications of the virus and aid all of those who were struck by the so called Post-Covid Syndrome.

The admitted patients has three separated visits to the Day Hospital, and during these he goes through a number of tests and examinations in order to give a detailed picture of his health and the possible therapies that can be provided.

Going inside the Day Hospital for the Post-Covid Syndrome and see what many patients go through is encountering the virus in its fullness. The complexity of the diagnosis interlaces with the various personal cases of who lives this seemingly never ending illness.

in collaborazione with Sara Sabatino

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