The Hooded

The Hooded In Italy, during Easter, many traditional religious events take place. The “Good Friday Procession” has very old roots and the celebrations, especially in the smallest villages, are a mix between solemn liturgies and a folk festival. The main characters during these gatherings are the “Incappucciati” (literally “the hoodies”) which are the members of […]

The story of Olga, a Belarusian refugee


The story of Olga, a Belarusian refugee I got to know the paintress Olga Silivanchyk through the Association “Bielorussi in Italia – Supolka”. She was introduced to me as a very active member of the group. Her personal story helps us to understand what it means to live in the country dominated by Lukashenko. The […]

Post-Covid Syndrome

In April 2020, at the Columbus hospital of Rome, a new kind of day hospital saw the light to answer  the need of explanation that the patients that came out of Covid had. Once they were over the acute phase of the infection what would it be like for them to recover fully? What would […]

Rehabilitation after Covid-19

The rehabilitation after Covid-19 Since early 2020, during the first large outbreakes of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Versilia’s hospital (Camaiore, Italy) rehabilitation department has assisted the patients who deal with the most severe forms of the illness. Surviving the acute phase of the virus for these people means going through months in the intensive care […]